Sunday, October 26, 2014


i love libraries in general, but the library just up the road is a special one. the civic center marin county free library is housed in a frank lloyd wright building, and it's the first—and so far only—wright building i've been in. there's a special room in the back full of california history, and there are always events going on. yesterday they were showing kids how to make ice cream in a baggy, next the marin master gardeners were giving a lecture. libraries have always been a place of comfort for me, if i'm ever feeling uninspired, a trip there will spark something. our home is always full of free books and movies, and i'm amazed when i hear someone say they never go to the library. what? does not compute. even if you are not suckered in my the free-ness of it, check out the civic enter branch and surrounding building, it's worth the trip.

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