Tuesday, September 30, 2014

calling cards are in

moo.com came through, the cards are in. look for me or michelle to hand you one next time we spot you. i'm thinking we need guest bloggers, too! i've been too busy to post...

Sunday, September 21, 2014


i made the first official where do they go outreach today. i approached a couple at the market and asked if they lived nearby. i see them every sunday and decided it was time to start what this project is all about—meeting people who we might want to hang out with. they didn't seem too bothered by my prying. i found out they live on lucas valley road, they like seafood, hang out in fairfax & san anselmo and sometimes eat at fish. i handed them my work business card and decided it was time to order some cards specific to the blog. moo is taking care of those right now, so soon i'll have something more official to hit on folks with.

hey meesh, are you going to post anything on here soon?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

sunday ritual

sunday mornings you can find me at the civic center farmers market. coffee and goodie in hand, i plop down at a table and just watch people for a few minutes while i fuel up. i see a lot of regulars there and i know these are my people. if they can get there by 8am on sunday i want to know them. after my 15 minutes of coffee time, i stroll the rows a few times until i have what i want for the week. this morning after the the farmers i walked over to the outdoor antique market in search of a mirror and found one at my first stop.

next up: michelle and i have to get working on the method we'll use to start meeting our new friends without them feeling creeped out. i'm thinking calling cards. any ideas?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

no. 1

it's a sunny september morning in marin, i'm about to bite into breakfast at mh bread & butter. i moved here from san francisco almost two years ago—fifteen more days until our anniversary—for green space, a home i could own, and warm summers. after twelve years in the fog i don't miss freezing all summer. 

my friend michelle, this blog's co-creator, has been in marin for five years. she's got jamaican blood and needs the sun to survive.

soon after we started venturing out together, we started wondering where we might find folks we'd like to hang out with. where were they hanging out? what were they doing? we kept asking each other "where do they go?"

so we're going to start finding out where you go, why you go there, and what you love to do in marin. we've got a few favorite spots but want more.