Sunday, October 26, 2014


i love libraries in general, but the library just up the road is a special one. the civic center marin county free library is housed in a frank lloyd wright building, and it's the first—and so far only—wright building i've been in. there's a special room in the back full of california history, and there are always events going on. yesterday they were showing kids how to make ice cream in a baggy, next the marin master gardeners were giving a lecture. libraries have always been a place of comfort for me, if i'm ever feeling uninspired, a trip there will spark something. our home is always full of free books and movies, and i'm amazed when i hear someone say they never go to the library. what? does not compute. even if you are not suckered in my the free-ness of it, check out the civic enter branch and surrounding building, it's worth the trip.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

petaluma perhaps

it's going to be another hot day in marin, now is the time to do your outside chores. petaluma feels like a nice jaunt for the day. i'm craving another visit to della fattoria. there are a lot of other great food spots to check out. last time we saw thistle meats and lala's, but we were too stuffed to go in. my other two not to be missed spots are maude and the petaluma seed bank (which is closed on saturdays so go sunday!). i found this leather zippered purse at maude years ago when i first stumbled on the shop. i read today that it's made by le vestiaire de jeanne. i used to read this blog a while back, loving all her clothes and photos of them, i didn't realize i own something she made. time to head up to petaluma pronto!