Saturday, September 13, 2014

no. 1

it's a sunny september morning in marin, i'm about to bite into breakfast at mh bread & butter. i moved here from san francisco almost two years ago—fifteen more days until our anniversary—for green space, a home i could own, and warm summers. after twelve years in the fog i don't miss freezing all summer. 

my friend michelle, this blog's co-creator, has been in marin for five years. she's got jamaican blood and needs the sun to survive.

soon after we started venturing out together, we started wondering where we might find folks we'd like to hang out with. where were they hanging out? what were they doing? we kept asking each other "where do they go?"

so we're going to start finding out where you go, why you go there, and what you love to do in marin. we've got a few favorite spots but want more. 

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